Saturday, January 12, 2013

Where did my babies go?

It is starting to sink in that children grow up way too fast.  I want to remember this time later when the girls are fighting over clothes, makeup, and boys.  I'm going to give an overview of the stage of life each girl is in right now.

 Kaylie turned SEVEN! She's in 1st grade at Rowlett Elementary and is doing extremely well.  She has been getting the highest grades possible in every category and excelling in her daily behavior (minus the day when Kaylie pushed a girl because Kaylie thought she pulled her hair....oops!) She is reading chapter books like crazy (including Magic Tree House and Boxcar Children).  She is almost always acing her spelling tests that include words like yesterday, injury, furnace, purpose, etc.  She is kind, helpful, manipulative smart, and funny.  She continually makes us laugh.  She is learning that she needs to be able to play with girl toys if she wants girls to be her friends.  Kaylie is slowly starting to admit that she likes Myla and enjoys playing with her.  She still seems to be a little bit clueless when it comes to social awareness and manners.  She is not intentionally rude or selfish; she is just not aware of what she should be doing in certain situations. As my mom would say, "We're working on that!"

Kaylie is constantly amazing us with her large vocabulary.  The other day she said, "Mommy, I must be a carnivore because whenever there is meat on my plate, I eat all of that first!"  Kaylie is convinced that she is going to marry Benjamin Hamm when she grows up. At church she is constantly chasing him and I even had to tell her that it was not appropriate for her to be trying to kiss boys.  He eats up the attention, but insists that he does not want to marry her.  It's all pretty entertaining. Kaylie has been a great big sister and a loving daughter.

Myla is 3 1/2 and is staying home with me this year.  She still talks about her friends at school and I think she will very excited when she can return to Community Christian next year for VPK.  Myla is the complete opposite of Kaylie in just about every way.  Myla is very receptive to moods and the dynamics of a room.  My favorite line of hers has been when Kaylie starts crying.  Myla will immediately come to me with a concerned look on her face and say, "What's wrong with my stister?!?!" She also seems to almost always be right when figuring out why Brynlee is crying.  She definitely has a better record than Justin and Kaylie.
Myla is learning what sounds the letter make and refuses to continue when she gets to the letter "L" because she knows she can't make that sound well.  Myla still struggles with whining, crying, and being shy.  She is slowly starting to grow out of the shyness.  When there is a large crowd she clams up and later will tell me, "There are too many peoples".  My mom says that there are MANY ways that she is exactly like me as a child.  However, one of the ways that she is completely different is her appetite.  She will eat just about anything.  She loves fruit and eats many vegetables.  She always asks for everyone's pickles and the other day ate a stack of walnuts. Myla still loves to cuddle with me and is very loving. 

Brynlee is 7 months old.  I cannot believe how big she has gotten.  Pretty soon I will be planning her first birthday party. She has started rolling everywhere.  She will turn in circles and then roll to get what she wants. She recently learned to sit up.  She cannot move into the sitting position on her own yet and still will eventually fall over and smash her face/head.  However, she will sit and play for quite awhile.  Brynlee is eating baby food and seems to be a little bit of a picky eater already.  She sleeps from about 8-5 or 6.  She has been having issues staying asleep and ends up in the swing often, but she goes back to sleep easily and doesn't need to eat in the middle of the night.
Brynlee definitely is a Mommy's girl.  She will be perfectly happy and playing with someone else.  Then, I will walk into the room and she will whine and fuss until I get her (usually because she suddenly realized that she was starving).  We are getting into a routine during the day after switching into the baby food stage, but naps are still not totally predictable.  She loves to have her blanket next to her face when she sleeps.  Actually, she just loves fabric in general.  If you give her a burp cloth, I think she could play with that for about 20 minutes. Overall, Brynlee is a very happy, easy baby.

I feel so blessed to call these girls my daughters.  I am honored that the Lord would trust us to raise them.  I hope that we can continue to teach them about the Lord and how to live their lives in a way that honors Him. 

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  1. Thanks Amy for such wonderful descriptions of my great nieces! They are beautiful girls inside and out and you are a great Mom!