Saturday, January 19, 2013

Brynlee's Room

In honor of Brynlee turning 9 months old today, I decided it was time to finally finish decorating her room.  I have been really close to finishing for a few months now.  I'm awful at coming very close to completing projects and then taking forever to add the finishing touches.

This is what her room looked like before (about a year ago):

This was Myla's room before and I didn't even really bother to clean the room since they are "before" pictures anyways.  Brynlee's was the first nursery that I really got to decorate.  I had a lot of fun doing it (even if it took me forever!)  I used Pinterest for quite a few projects. They were all fairly simple, but really helped add to the room.

I added the ribbon to these curtains.

I used a canvas and scrapbook paper to make this piece of artwork.
My mom made this beautiful quilt/wall hanging!
I made the bow hanger with a picture frame and ribbon and even made a few of the bows on there.

This is a project that took a lot longer to complete, partially due to my indecisiveness.

Full view with the crib.

Brynlee's Christmas present that I found online.
 Now for the wide views so that you can get idea of how the whole flow of the room:

Brynlee loves her completed room!

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