Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I have really enjoyed being at home this year.  I have had time for things that I haven't had time for in quite awhile.  For example, I cleaned out the pantry and the toy room, had multiple play-dates, and lately, actually created things off of pinterest! 

My latest find has been the tutorials on felt flowers.  They are super easy!  I used many different tutorials and combined some of them to create different versions, but I believe I found them all through Pinterest.  I have used the felt flowers to create headbands and barrettes.  When doing some of my experiments, I decided to use some of the weird colors of felt that came in my package. 

  This was super simple to make.  I'm wondering if it might look good with alternating colors, so I might try that later.

  Happy Valentine's Day! This was simple to make, but hard to make it perfect.

 These are rolled roses.  I think they are the easiest to make/hardest to mess up!
 This wasn't too hard to make and I think the second go around would turn out a lot better.
The flower on this headband is a variation of the dark green flower above. 

Rolled Rose with a leaf

Three rolled roses (which unfortunately spread out more than I thought they would)

The large yellow one was the hardest to make and the bright green is meant to be bigger, but I didn't have the right sized felt.

I was very happy with how Brynlee's headbands turned out.  I plan on making quite a few more another time now that I know what flowers I like and how to make them.  Overall, it has been fun and worthwhile!

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