Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My kids are entertaining....

Kaylie: Mommy, do you think it would be scary if Brynlee ate a bug?
Amy:  Yes!
K: Well, I don't think it would be that scary because I've heard some people say that they ate bugs.
A: Well, would you want to eat bugs?
K: No, but I would like to touch every kind of bug that doesn't sting me. Actually, some bugs touch me.  When we were camping, I thought there was a leaf on my leg.  I looked down and it was a lady bug.  Except, it was a little weird because it had yellow on its thorax.  Do you know what a thorax is?

Seriosuly, she's in first grade and she's teaching me about a thorax?!?!

Amy: Kaylie, I have to tell you something a little bit sad.  Benjamin (the boy at church that she loves and chases around) is going to be moving away. 
Kaylie: Aww.....  Oh well, I have two other boyfriends.
A:  Oh, really? Who?
K: Adam and Carter (boys in her class at school).
A: Do they know that they are your boyfriends?
K: Well Adam knows, but Carter doesn't.  I guess I should tell him.

Myla:  Is today tomorrow?
Amy: Well, today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow.
Myla: Uhhh, but is today tomorrow?
This conversation happens frequently and I still don't really know how to handle it. 

Amy: Myla, we're going to go to Grammy's tomorrow.
Myla: Is tomorrow the day after today?
A: Yes, the day after today.
Yes, more time issues with Myla.  

I called the family outside one evening to look at the weird clouds as a storm was rolling in.  Myla says "I hope a tomato doesn't come!"
Then, when inside:
Myla: Can we put on the news?
Me: Oh, you want to watch the weather to see if a tornado is coming?
Myla: Yeah, b/c I don't want to get dead.

Myla's language:
"Be-sketti" Spaghetti
"Hosti-bust-al" Hospital
"Tooshie pop"  TootsiePop
"Gobbles"  Goggles
"Glubs"  Gloves


Sunday, February 23, 2014

7/52: Animal Kingdom

We went to Disney the first time shortly after Kaylie turned five.  Myla was too young to remember and was scared of almost everything. Since Myla was turning five this year we decided to skip the birthday party and purchase the Florida Resident three day deal.  This weekend we went to Animal Kingdom and it was Brynlee's turn to cry on almost every ride.  We had quite a bit of rain, but luckily missed the two big downpours.  We started out on the Safari ride and lucked out with a great view of the lions and lot of time with the giraffes.  Unfortunately, our favorite show from last time (Lion King) was shut down, but Finding Nemo was also one of our favorites and we really enjoyed that (except for Brynlee of course).  We also enjoyed a few more rides and some fantastic ice cream. We really got lucky with timing when we happened upon the end (insert: best part) of the parade and happened to be near where the Meet and Greet with Mickey and Minnie was that had no line due to the parade. We waited approximately 3 minutes, without FastPasses!

Glad we got a family pic before the rain.

Safari ride

Crazy Kaylie


This giraffe would not move. We were stuck for about 5 minutes.

A bunch of the other giraffes came over to see what was going on.

The baby came too!

Brynlee really liked this ride and loved seeing the animals.

Such a great view of the lions. Glad we went on this ride first!

Kaylie kept wandering off to look at stuff.

Brynlee was unimpressed with the lines.

Unless, she got to walk!

The girls were very excited about the mountain, but were too small to go on the coaster.

This was before she started crying and saying "Pass" over and over again (pacifier)

She didn't make it until lunch.

Perfect meet and greet with Mickey and Minnie!

Brynlee wouldn't give hugs or high-fives.


6/52: Myla turns 5!

I cannot believe that Myla is FIVE! Next year she will be in Kindergarten and I will have two school-aged children.  We had a little trouble getting a "party" together for her due to our busy schedules and a lot of friends and family being sick.  We eventually threw together some cupcakes and had her BFF Tessa over for a few minutes just to blow out candles and eat a cupcake. The girls proceeded to make messes of themselves.
Disney Infinity Characters from Daddy

Tessa picked out the presents for Myla

Hot pink Funfetti cupcakes!

She kept saying, "Momma, Bite!" She was trying to avoid getting frosting on her hands.

I made her just go for it though.

Tessa and Brynlee are starting to play with each other now.
Happy Birthday Myla Rae!


I have not been doing a very good job of keeping up with these blogs.  So, I'm not sure how long it will last. For now, I will try to make up for lost time. I'm not really positive that these pictures were taken in the correct week, but we'll go with it.  

She LOVES the swing.  Only child that consistently asks to swing even when she doesn't see it.

Such a pretty girl.

We have another nest in our tree.
Myla had space week at school and made a jetpack.

Kaylie had the idea and I had good luck with this shot.

I love it when the older girls play with Brynlee.

Friday, January 31, 2014


Brynlee loves playing on Kaylie's bed.  She also loves trying on hats.

Kaylie loves Minecraft. 

Myla loves everything Kaylie loves, so she loves Minecraft too.  She was crying the other night when it was time for bed because she wanted to play "for a long time".

Extra Credit Picture: Brynlee loves her pacifiers.  She especially loves chewing on them when her teeth are coming in.


I'm a little late with this post because......well, life happens. 

 Brynlee loves copying others.  She saw me taking pictures and then grabbed her play camera, said "eese" and pretended to take my picture.

 Kaylie and Myla really are best friends now.  They usually play very well together.  They sat here the other day coloring together for a long time.  At one point, Kaylie was teaching Myla to draw Killer Whales.  Shocker, I know.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


So, here we are on the second week of the photo project. 

 I cut Myla's hair last night.  She's pretty happy with it and so am I.  I always cut more of her off than I plan to and it always turns out pretty well. 
 Kaylie's face would be stuck in some form of electronics if I let her.  Confession: (in case you didn't already know this about me) I'm not as good as limiting screen time as I should be.
Brynlee loves to put stuff on that belongs to her sisters.  Usually, it's shoes, but this time it was a bike helmet.