Thursday, August 18, 2011

Time of Transition

I can not believe that summer is over already.  It went way too fast! Our family is about to start a whole new chapter in our life.  Kaylie is starting Kindergarten (more on that in another post), and I am also starting at a new school.  Around 3rd quarter last year I was starting to become frustrated with work.  I wasn't sure if it was just that time of year or if it meant something.  I prayed, asking God, if this meant I should start moving on from Southeast.  Then things started getting a little bit better, so I assumed it was just the time of year and things would be fine.
I got busy preparing the Student Vs. Faculty basketball game as a fundraiser for the Class of 2013.  Shout out to Coach Harder for, well, just being awesome and helping me out so much! That Friday I was tying up lose ends with the game and I got called down to the office.  I was told that my contract was not renewed.  For legal reasons, no one could tell me any reasons about why.  I freaked out.  Thanks to my friend, Becky, I had coverage of my class the last period.
I think I was not so much upset that I lost my job, but that it seemed like someone didn't like me.  I am very much a people-pleaser and try not to make any enemies.  As I was freaking out and crying, I suddenly remembered a couple of months back when I had been praying about my job.  Duh! God answered my prayer, just not in the way I expected! I know now that God was in control of the situation, it was just hard to remember those first few hours especially.
That night I had to return to school to run the basketball game.  I was still a little angry and upset, but my students are far more important to me than anything else in my job.  The basketball game went fairly well and we raised quite a bit of money.

The rest of the school year was bittersweet.  I cannot express how thankful I was for the support from the other teachers in my hallway/building.  They were amazing (and I found out later just how amazing!).  I knew that God had a plan for me, so i wasn't worried so much about finding a job.  I was just disappointed that I would be leaving some great friends and some great students behind.  I plan on returning to some sporting events and the graduation.
I started the job search pretty early on, but there really aren't any leads on teaching positions until a few weeks into the summer. I had an interview at Cardinal Mooney, IMG, and at Southeast.  The timing of return phone calls/emails in that whole process was definitely God working again.  Although I did not completely listen to Him at first!
The schedule at IMG is not ideal for a mother of small children, which led to me, once again, freaking out.  After a lot of prayer, talking to trusted friends, and just some time to process everything, I realized that God knows what he is doing and He has a plan for me.  It will work out!  I'm excited to have small class sizes and students with goals in life.  I will be teaching Geometry (I have taught for 2 years already) and AP Stats (I have never taught an AP class before!).  I know there will be a lot of adjustments and challenges switching to Pendleton, but I have faith that it will all be worth it.