Sunday, February 23, 2014

6/52: Myla turns 5!

I cannot believe that Myla is FIVE! Next year she will be in Kindergarten and I will have two school-aged children.  We had a little trouble getting a "party" together for her due to our busy schedules and a lot of friends and family being sick.  We eventually threw together some cupcakes and had her BFF Tessa over for a few minutes just to blow out candles and eat a cupcake. The girls proceeded to make messes of themselves.
Disney Infinity Characters from Daddy

Tessa picked out the presents for Myla

Hot pink Funfetti cupcakes!

She kept saying, "Momma, Bite!" She was trying to avoid getting frosting on her hands.

I made her just go for it though.

Tessa and Brynlee are starting to play with each other now.
Happy Birthday Myla Rae!

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