Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My kids are entertaining....

Kaylie: Mommy, do you think it would be scary if Brynlee ate a bug?
Amy:  Yes!
K: Well, I don't think it would be that scary because I've heard some people say that they ate bugs.
A: Well, would you want to eat bugs?
K: No, but I would like to touch every kind of bug that doesn't sting me. Actually, some bugs touch me.  When we were camping, I thought there was a leaf on my leg.  I looked down and it was a lady bug.  Except, it was a little weird because it had yellow on its thorax.  Do you know what a thorax is?

Seriosuly, she's in first grade and she's teaching me about a thorax?!?!

Amy: Kaylie, I have to tell you something a little bit sad.  Benjamin (the boy at church that she loves and chases around) is going to be moving away. 
Kaylie: Aww.....  Oh well, I have two other boyfriends.
A:  Oh, really? Who?
K: Adam and Carter (boys in her class at school).
A: Do they know that they are your boyfriends?
K: Well Adam knows, but Carter doesn't.  I guess I should tell him.

Myla:  Is today tomorrow?
Amy: Well, today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow.
Myla: Uhhh, but is today tomorrow?
This conversation happens frequently and I still don't really know how to handle it. 

Amy: Myla, we're going to go to Grammy's tomorrow.
Myla: Is tomorrow the day after today?
A: Yes, the day after today.
Yes, more time issues with Myla.  

I called the family outside one evening to look at the weird clouds as a storm was rolling in.  Myla says "I hope a tomato doesn't come!"
Then, when inside:
Myla: Can we put on the news?
Me: Oh, you want to watch the weather to see if a tornado is coming?
Myla: Yeah, b/c I don't want to get dead.

Myla's language:
"Be-sketti" Spaghetti
"Hosti-bust-al" Hospital
"Tooshie pop"  TootsiePop
"Gobbles"  Goggles
"Glubs"  Gloves


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