Saturday, February 16, 2013

DIY Lollipop Valentine's

 I was "researching" on Pinterest for Myla's Birthday and came across DIY Lollipop Valentines that were butterflies.  I found a link for the free printable here. I used colored card stock and tootsie pops (because they are peanut free).  Also, I added tissue paper around the lollipop and pipe cleaners to make antenna (antennae?). 
Download, print, cut....pretty simple!

Finished product
 As we were counting out the googly eyes (which I bought at the dollar store), we realized two things.  1) We didn't have enough googly eyes of the same size for all 30 valentines and 2) Boys don't like pink butterfles!  Then we were laughing at how one of the large googly eyes took up the entire lollipop and (insert sound of light bulb turning on over our heads).  We can make alien/monster valentines for the boys! So, I started working with it and created this: 

Of course, this wasn't quite enough.  I also realized that Kaylie would have nowhere to write "From Kaylie" on this.  Luckily, my friend(and my husbands cousin), Beth Jones, just so happens to be very talented in design and just about everything artistic. She also has a fantastic blog! Thankfully, I had spent a bit of time folding paper cranes for her beautiful wedding.  In a matter of minutes she had created legs/tentacles for the valentines: 

 In a matter of hours I had 30 valentines ready for delivery.  They did take a bit longer than I expected to make, but it was worth it! 

Let me know if you are interested in the free printable for the tentacles!

After all of this hard work, Kaylie woke up Valentine's Day with a fever.  She begged to go to school, but I had to keep her home.  We attempted to just hand deliver the valentines, but the school secretary wouldn't let us past the front desk since she was sick.  We were both disappointed, but I called the teacher and she told me that they were a big hit. 

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