Friday, May 3, 2013

Our Three Blessings

I'm sorry, but this post might not be very interesting.  I'm just going to try to write down what the girls are up to these days.

Kaylie:  These days, Kaylie has been such a great kid.  She is getting perfect scores in school and she's simply astounding us with her thirst for knowledge.  She loves to read and learn about animals.  She is totally in love with killer whales.  Kaylie actually came out of her room the other day, picked up Brynlee, and said "Brynlee come play with us!" and took her into their room.  It's so nice to see them enjoying each other.  Kaylie has really been enjoying playing soccer with Upward.  She scored a goal at the first game and has been doing very well.  Her after school enrichment class at Rowlett this semester is tap dance.  She seems to like it, but doesn't really practice at home.  Kaylie seems to have a lot of boyfriends and loves to make the boys giggle by blowing them kisses.  We could be in trouble in a couple years.  She loves to be the center of attention and is often times pretty entertaining.
Inflatable Killer Whale for Easter

Second season of Upward soccer
Kaylie 'hamming it up" at Eric's rehearsal dinner

Myla:  I'm wondering when the whining/crying will be over.  When I get ready to run to the store, Myla will ask to go with me and then say "I promise I won't whine and complain".  She's not very good at keeping her promise.  Myla is at the stage where she makes a lot of messes and then cries and complains about how hard it is to clean up.  However, she is very sweet and caring to others.  The other day she picked out a "boy movie" because she knew that Kaylie would like to watch it. She loves to make "gift cards" for others.  She has been practicing drawing hearts a lot.  I had been working on writing her name, but she had been fighting me, so I gave up.  Recently, she suddenly learned how to write her name and loves to write it on all of her artwork.  Myla is EXTREMELY shy! She will not talk to people if anyone else besides that person is listening.  After we see people she will be talking the whole way home about why she was "shy to them" and how she won't be shy next time.  The other day at the doctor she was very willing to open her mouth so the DR could look in her throat, but was too shy to say "Ahhhhhh". Myla loves everything girlie.  She wears a dress or skirt just about every day.  She often wears her high heels, even to play outside or go to the grocery store. Myla was the flower girl at Beth and Zach's wedding and at Alex and Eric's wedding.  She definitely loved it and seemed to come alive on the wedding days.  Maybe we have a future wedding planner? or wedding dress designer?
Myla loves her dolls

Myla's reaction to the wall of princess dolls at Downtown Disney's Princess Store

Flower girl at Beth's wedding

Brynlee: I can't believe Brynlee is one year old already.  This year has flown by!  She is such a great baby!  At bedtime, she doesn't need a bottle or rocking or anything.  We just put her in her pajamas, give her her blanket and pacifier and lay her down in her crib.  She usually doesn't even cry and just goes to sleep.  Most nights she will sleep from 8:00 to at least 6:30 (sometimes 7:00).  Nap times are a little bit harder, because if you want her to sleep for longer than 20 minutes you need to rock her to sleep and hold her.  Brynlee is very close to walking.  She probably could take a few steps, but she doesn't think that she can and won't even try. She cruises and crawls everywhere.  She is very curious and likes to get into everything.  She LOVES to play with her sisters.  She also loves to play in the toy room, but I don't trust her in there by herself for very long.  Brynlee is definitely a momma's girl.  She always wants me to hold her when there are other people around.  If I'm not around and some one else is holding her she's usually fine.  However, the second she sees me, she cries for me.  She is not talking at all, which hopefully just means that she will be very smart.  She is very expressive though and really lets us know what she wants and what she's thinking. 
Brynlee really seemed to enjoy playing at the beach

My sweet little one
Bryn Bryn!
Time sure flies and I can't believe how fast my little girls are growing up.  I love them each so very much and I cherish my time with them. God has truly blessed our family.

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