Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pregnancy at 30 weeks

Being 30 weeks pregnant is a lot different than being 10 weeks pregnant, especially for me.  At 10 weeks I felt miserable and couldn't do ANYTHING.  I also had no motivation to do ANYTHING! One of the hard parts was that I didn't look pregnant, so not everyone knew why I looked/acted/felt crappy.  At 10 weeks I was losing weight consistently and could barely eat.

At 30 weeks, I'm consistently gaining weight and eating a lot.  Everyone notices right away that I'm pregnant and asks how I'm feeling.  Now I have crazy amounts of motivation and OCDish cleaning impulses (I hope you can understand that crazy language I just made up).  However, my body can't handle too much of my motivation.  I typically crash in the evenings.  I'm just thankful to be able to get some of the things done that need to be done and extremely blessed that I am no longer getting sick.  I'm feeling lots of kicks and rolls and flips.  I'm starting to sense her personality already.  Kaylie was constantly moving and kicking regardless of what I was doing.  Myla was a stretcher.  Whenever I moved I could feel her moving around as if to get herself comfortable.  This little girl seems to tell me when she's mad.  I will lay down and get comfy and then she starts kicking. She will kick and jab and bounce until I move.  She stops, as if to say, "Thank you, that's where I want you to sit". 

I was very tiny when I was pregnant with Myla.  I'm not as tiny this time.  My belly has definitely been growing faster with this baby.  I just hope that doesn't mean I'm going to have another big baby!
This is my first attempt at a photo collage: 

I recently had to take the 3 hour glucose test.  The 1 hour was "not-fun" enough so I was absolutely dreading the 3 hour test.  Turns out, there was good reason!  I have been known to faint in the past, especially when getting blood drawn while pregnant.  For the 3 hour test they had to draw blood samples 4 times.  Seriously, 4 times in 3 hours!  The first blood draw went pretty well and I actually got that disgusting drink down pretty well (think flat orange soda with about 80 times extra sugar in it).  I was feeling pretty good for awhile and then started getting a little queasy, but nothing I couldn't handle.  However, when they did the blood draw at the 1 hour mark, they almost had to cancel the test.  I was about as close to passing out as I could get without going completely and I also came very close to getting sick (which would definitely cancel the test).  Luckily, I made it through and they took the last two blood samples from me while I was laying down on the cot in the back.  Now, I just wait for the results. 

I'm very excited to meet our little girl!  There will be more updates with nursery, names, etc.  For now, I'm just trying to make it to spring break so that I can go crazy nesting!

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