Friday, February 24, 2012

Redecorating the Girls' Bedroom and the Nursery-Part 1

When we moved into the house we basically painted the walls to match the bedding and that was the extent of the decorating.  The windows had vertical blinds, so we didn't even have curtains.
This is also the first time that I have really been able to decorate a nursery.  With Kaylie and Myla, we were living in apartments, so we couldn't do much to the walls, etc.
I knew that I was going to really try to decorate the nursery this time.  Then, I felt bad because Kaylie and Myla didn't get that much attention to their rooms when they were born or now.  So, I decided to decorate Kaylie's room and turn it into Kaylie and Myla's room.  Luckily, they have both enjoyed sharing a room the past few months (I wanted the transition to not be too close to when the baby came because I knew the addition of the baby would be hard enough).
Here's a look at the rooms before we started the transformations.
 Kaylie and Myla's room Before

 Nursery Before

The nursery transformation started with finding crib bedding.  I tried to find bedding I liked that matched the walls already.  That did not go so well.  I finally decided on the bedding, but then I couldn't settle on a paint scheme.  I finally chose the pink, brown, and chair rail.  I'm glad I did!

With the girls' room I knew I wanted a change, and something creative, but not busy.  Kaylie wanted to paint the walls black and Myla changes her mind about her favorite color every two seconds (and usually copies Kaylie with the whole black thing).  Kaylie has wanted blue walls in the past and the bedding had the blue stripes, so I chose the blue.  Then I ran into the problem of how to add interest to the walls.  In order to tie in the theme of the bedding, the only thing I could do is stripes.  I didn't want stripes everywhere though!  So I settled on the two stripes in the middle of the wall in the accent pink color (to make sure everyone knew it was a girls room!).  I had a lot of help painting from Justin and my parents, especially figuring out those silly stripes. 

So far, the painting is done and very little else has been completed.  I have done a few of my pinterest projects, but I have a ways to go.  I'm still trying to figure out what to put on each of the walls in the nursery, etc.  I will be updating again with complete before and afters when the rooms are completely done, but for's some pics of how the rooms look painted. 
 Paint Job in Kaylie and Myla's room

 Paint/Chair Rail in Nursery


  1. Super CUTE!!!! Love it!

  2. Amy, it looks darling. You are doing a great job!

    Aunt Wendy