Wednesday, October 3, 2012


As soon as Brynlee was born, I felt a huge sense of relief.  Then, I remembered that I had a baby.  Pregnancy turns me into a different person.  I become sick, miserable, grouchy, whiny, etc.  I really embraced that this last time.
Basically within a couple of hours of having delivered her I felt so much better! I had been an alien and was now myself again. 
Don't get the wrong idea. Pregnancy is a great thing and it is a miracle.  And I am thankful for pregnancy in that it brought my three beautiful girls.  But, I am not thankful for morning sickness and the other not-so-fun effects of pregnancy. 

For those of you who don't really know how sick I was, let me give you an idea.
I would say I got sick every day for about 6 weeks (despite the meds from the Dr) and I was nauseous consistently for at least 10.  I had many other eating issues throughout my entire pregnancy.  This was all happening while I taught my first year at a new school and it was very stressful. 

All of my misery has caused me to become very thankful for my health and my normal body. 

I am thankful that I can now (because I couldn't do these things while pregnant without getting sick or at least feeling sick)....
  • eat breakfast
  • eat sweets
  • get up off of the couch in the late evening
  • take a nice, big drink of water
  • drink without eating
  • eat dairy
  • do the dishes
  • stay awake past 10
  • brush my teeth
  • stand in church during the loud worship music
  • actually eat my dinner by the time I get it home
  • drink water instead of Coke
  • not eat potato chips every day at 10 am
These are just the morning sickness/eating issues I had.  I did not even go into the other things that made me uncomfortable (like how I couldn't sleep on my stomach, lie on my back, get in and out of my dad's truck, etc).
However, the biggest thing that I am thankful for recently has been the ability to take care of my kids. My life consisted of work and my couch for about 9 months.  We can go to church, I can bathe my girls, I can cook, I can help Kaylie with her homework, we can go for walks, etc.  I have more energy now (physically and emotionally) so I have been praying with the kids daily and utilizing time to teach them about God's saving grace and amazing love. 
I believe that the Lord used my "year" of pregnancy to give me more patience, love, kindness, sympathy, and most importantly JOY.  Last night when I put Brynlee to sleep 6 times in 30 minutes and she kept waking up I was also trying to help Kaylie finish her homework and bathe them.  It was a pretty hectic,frustrating night, but instead of being filled with anger and impatience I was still filled with a great sense of love for my kids. 

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