Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Are you kidding me?"

I really enjoy sleeping in my bed for many hours at one time.  With three children, this does not always happen.  Last night was one of those times.  It has been cold here the past couple of days (and by cold I mean we could turn the AC off and the fan on and sleep comfortably), which means it's harder to get out of bed.
I don't know exactly what time I went to bed, but I would guess somewhere around 11. I'm sure I was sleeping great, but then.....

3:35 am   Brynlee wakes up
3:38        I pull myself out of bed to get her
3:40        I rock Brynlee for awhile
3:47        I lay Brynlee down in her crib, asleep
3:55        I finally get comfortable in my bed again
3:58        Brynlee wakes up again and I repeat the process
4:10        I finally get comfortable in my bed AGAIN
4:12        Brynlee wakes up AGAIN
4:15        I give Brynlee gas medicine and start rocking
4:22        I try to lay Brynlee down and she wakes back up
4:25        I put Brynlee in the swing
4:36        I attempt to put Brynlee in her crib, she wakes up
4:38        I put Brynlee back in the swing (at this point I have basically given up and brought my pillow out to the couch to sleep)
4:52       Brynlee falls alseep in swing and I finally get comfortable on the couch
4:55       Myla comes out and says "Mommy I don't like it when you close my door"  (which I specifically did so that she wouldn't wake up.....fail!)
4:57       Myla: "Mommy, can you put on cartoons?"  Me: NO!
5:00       Brynlee wakes up, Me:"Are you kidding me?"
5:02       I officially give up on sleep and feed Brynlee
5:38       I lay Brynlee down in the crib and finally go to bed
5:39       Justin has stolen all of the covers (the next morning he asked, "Why did you choke me with the covers?!?! You had a look in your eyes like you were doing it intentionally!")
5:41       I'm finally comfortable, in my bed, with covers, and falling asleep
6:15       Justin's alarm goes off
6:42       I remind Justin that he needs to actually get out of bed to go to work (remember how "cold" it is)
6:55       My alarm goes off to get Kaylie ready for school
7:05       Me:  "Oh Man! We're going to be late!"

Oh the joys of having multiple small children.  (Ok so they really are joys, just not quite as much at 4 am)

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