Saturday, April 7, 2012

Final Post about Redecorating the Girls' Room!

I'm finally done! (For now....haha) I was messing around with a few ideas and waiting to hang everything up until I knew what I had.  I made the yarn-wrapped letters (K & M) for their names.  I glued buttons onto fabric in the shape of a heart and framed it. I made a butterfly out scrapbook paper.  Then, I had an empty spot on a wall, so I just framed a piece of scrapbook paper for now.  I'll probably eventually think of something more creative to put there.  I also finally hung the string so that the girls can use the clothespins I decorated to hang their art work.  Here are the final results:

 The girls from my life group had a girls night/baby shower for me and Ali.  Erika made those adorable pinwheels and I had to take one since it matched everything in their room perfectly!

 Kaylie and Myla read every night using the flower light before going to sleep.

 Thanks to my Mom and Dad we have a nice, new tree right outside the girls' window now.  Kaylie named it Sarah because I refused to name the new baby Sarah.

 Below are a few close ups of some the things I made, including collages of each of the girls. 

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