Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dear Lord, Please let this be my last Pregnancy Update!

If you have not seen or heard yet, we have chosen a name.  Brynlee Grace Adams could be here any day now!  
I'm very ready to have this baby girl.  I'm 37 weeks and 4 days today.  I went in last Monday and found out that I was 3cm dilated an 80% effaced.  I was pretty miserable last week at work.  I was exhausted, in pain, and of course crabby.  I went to my doctor appointment this past Monday planning on getting a note that said I didn't have to work anymore.  Unfortunately, the midwife said that there is no medical reason why I cannot work.  I also found that I hadn't progressed much at all in the past week.
So, I came to work to try to find a way to take some time off before the baby comes.  Basically, I found out that I have to work up until the day I deliver.  I was very upset, angry, etc that no one could help me out.  I just wanted a few stress free days before the baby came where I could focus on the baby coming instead of focusing on how to make it through the day at work. 
Thankfully, God is good and has actually helped me to feel a bit better this week.  So far, I'm making it through the week.  Also, my family has been very helpful.  I just hope this baby comes soon (but of course on an even numbered day, so tomorrow would be good!)
I'm a little worried that I will go into labor at school.  It could take me an hour to get to the hospital from work and who knows what could happen in that hour.  Of course, the Lord is in control and He knows what is best.  At least I'm making more money while I wait for Brynlee to "Grace" us with her presence.  (Sorry I couldn't help it).
I have nicknames for the girls and I'm trying to find one for Brynlee.
I call them Kaylie Ann from BradentAN (so that it rhymes of course), Myla Rae from Tampa Bay, and now we will have Brynlee Grace from.....
Outer Space?  Another Place?  Too bad we live in River's Edge instead of River Place.  I guess we have a little time to figure that one out.
And now.....I will wait.


  1. I hope she comes soon, and that you won't go into labor while you're at school.

  2. DUH!! Brynlee Grace from 65th TerrACE! LOL Sorry...couldn't resist!