Sunday, July 24, 2011

Elevate 2011 Part 7 of 7

(Note: sorry it took me so long to finish this up)
So, it was Saturday night and it was our last free-time for the week.  First, our group went to the overlook for some worship time.  It was really neat! There was just a small group of people down there.  It was just us and a guitar and God's creation!  We were down there for awhile, singing, praying, etc and then all of a sudden we hear SPLAT!  And then, another one and another one.  We finally figure out that it is water balloons.  But, where were they coming from?  Based on the arc, we at first guessed the tree.  Finally we realized someone had a launcher and they were behind the trees.  Okay, now please forgive me because I am awful as estimating distances.  This could be terribly off, but I'm guessing that these punks with the balloon launcher were about 300-500 feet away.  (Notice that I left a nice big margin of error in there).  So a bunch of people go running after them as they go running.  We were chasing them down the hill that takes you off campus.  We reached the end/bottom and no one really knows where they went.  The students were ahead of another counselor and I, but they couldn't find them.  The students headed back up and the other leader and I searched for a bit more, but never found them.  Based on what everyone said and the fact that we couldn't find them, we assumed it was a couple of bored, college freshmen guys.  We never found out who it was, but it definitely was an eventful night of worship!  After this we played Signs for a bit and then we went up to pack and go to bed. 
Our bus was leaving at 5 am because we had such a long trip home.  On the bus, we slept, watched movies, played Mafia, built a tent, and played some other games. 
I'm going to attempt to explain the worst/funniest part of the trip.  In the back of the bus (right next to where our group was sitting) is the tiny bathroom.  Now, there is no where on the mountain for the bus to uhh dump, so by the end of the week this bathroom, well, smells awful.  So, a student of ours decides that he needs to use the bathroom.  We try to convince him to wait, but no, he insists that he HAS to go.  So, we all try to lean away, cover our noses, etc.  He goes in very quickly and shuts the door.  Monty says "He's not going to be able to do it" and then the door opens and he comes back out and says "I can't do it!"  We about died, from laughter and the smell.
After the 14 hour bus trip and not eating lunch until 3:00 (what can I say? Men were in charge ;) )  we finally made it home.  I was so excited to see my family! 
Elevate 2011 was definitely an amazing experience that I will never forget! I learned so much about myself, God, and my relationship with Jesus.  I developed new relationships with some of the youth from Cornerstone.  I can't wait to go back! Thanks to everyone who went, my husband for his help, and to everyone who helped babysit my children while I was away. 

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