Sunday, January 12, 2014

And so we begin, Adventures of 2014: 1/52

I have totally failed at posting on my blog in months, and now I'm starting a project where I post every week.  I was  totally inspired when I read Beth's blog.  She is posting four pictures every week of 2014: "something I ate, something I wore, something I made, and something I explore(d)".  That seemed a little bit difficult considering my hectic life.  Luckily, the blog that inspired her was more in line with the chaos in the Adams household.  The 52-project for her was to capture of a picture of each of her kids each week. This is right up my alley.

I literally debated on if I should start this project because I was going to have to start late.  Luckily, Beth convinced me to do it and so mine will just run one extra week into 2015.

So, here we have the beginning of 2014:
 Kaylie is obsessed with Killer Whales.  Notice her shirt.  I picked it out because it reminded me of a killer whale. Literally, her life revolves around killer whales.  She loves to snuggle with her stuffed whales, learn about killer whales, etc. 

Myla is playing in my old room with toys that I used to play with as a kid.  She can be very good at playing by herself when she wants to be. 

Brynlee loves to play with people.  I was crawl-chasing her around the room, trying to extract the giggles that light up my life.  I remembered the challenge I had started and quickly grabbed the camera to capture that sweet smile.

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