Friday, August 10, 2012

Brynlee 3 months

I realized that I haven't posted about Brynlee since she was born.  It has felt so natural for her to be here that I guess I forgot that it is kind of a big deal that we have another member in our family.  She's 3 months old now (well, getting close to 4 months already!) It seems like just yesterday we brought her home, but it also feels like ages ago.  Here is one of the sweet pictures Ashlie took of her in the first week.

Brynlee Grace 1 week
She has been such a great baby.  She basically started sleeping through at about two weeks (not always, but more often than not she sleeps for about 7 hours a night).  She is very happy.  She has been smiling a lot and even laughing sometimes.  She loves to be held and to look around at everything going on.  She also loves her swing and spends many hours a day in it.
We've joked that she looked a little Asian at first.
Brynlee 10 weeks

 She's starting to grab things and try to play with toys hanging in front of her.

Brynlee looks a bit more like Kaylie than Myla, but is still her own person.  So far, she is keeping her head full of dark hair and I hope it stays that way. 
Brynlee, Kaylie, Myla each at 3 months

Kaylie and Myla have been very good with Brynlee.  I was worried Kaylie wouldn't like her and Myla would be smothering, but they are both very gentle and love her very much.  The other day they were fighting with each other and then started fighting over Brynlee.
Time sure is flying as my last baby just keeps growing.  She's starting to get chunky legs.  She rolled over once (by chance) and is getting closer at being able to do it again.
Brynlee Grace Adams 3 months

 I am so thankful for this miracle that God has given to me.  I feel privileged to have the opportunity to raise these three girls, to teach them about God's love for them, and how to live for Christ.  Our family is not perfect, but we sure do love each other. 

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